Augmenting 3D interactions with haptic guide in a large scale virtual environment

Proceedings of The 7th ACM SIGGRAPH International Conference on Virtual-Reality Continuum and Its Applications in Industry - VRCAI '08 (2008), doi: 10.1145/1477862.1477891

What is the effect of the proposed haptic guides on human performance of object selection?


    Haptic Fidelity
  • haptic quality - varying haptic guide systems based on concentric spheres or cones.
Independent Variables
System Info

  • single large screen - retro-projected large screen (3m x 2.5m) for stereoscopic images, viewed with polarized glasses.
Input Hardware
  • spidar - system of motors, encoders and pulleys mounted on an iron cubic frame to track grip position and orientation and provide tension and force feedback.

Participant Info

Masters, PhD, or post doc students, all of whom were right handed and had prior knowledge of interactions in VE.

Total # Age Range Gender Balance
20 23 - 35

The VE contains four small spheres in the same vertical plane and a batton used as pointer whose movement is directly controlled via SPIDAR. The experiment starts when the user holds the spidar’s grip in hand and the experimenter says ”GO”. The subjects were asked to select an object and place it on the red zone from where it comes back to its initial position and the user select it again.


Dimensionality Scale Density Visual Realism
3D Small Low Medium

  • time - how long did it take to complete the overall task as measured by timers in seconds.
  • user task perception - questionnaire
  1. There was a significant interaction between haptic quality and haptic guidance system on time for a object manipulation and object selection task.